The PLATFORM April 2019

Contents The Edit We bring our picks for what’s hot in our industry What’s Hot: News and updates 3 Diary of a Tourism Sales Advisor 11 The Precinct It’s all about the destination Spotlight on Mackay Region, Queensland 12 Four on Point Queensland 16 Spotlight on Taupo, New Zealand 18 Four on Point North Island 22 Out of the box 24 The File Insights from our experts Cities of Infrastructure 26 Watch this space 30 Pursuing Greatness 32 Up close 35 Publisher’s Note Welcome to the first edition of The Platform. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting together. Publisher: Ally Eastaugh, Convene Group Editor: Shannon Williams Graphic Design: Gary Covich Sales and Advertising: Darrell Denney I’ve been trying to think of the best way to describe why I wanted to launch this magazine. What stories did I want to tell? What haven’t I read that I want to know more about? Our industry is a tight-knit group, and a lot of us have been around for a while. With that comes a lot of the ‘same old same old’ and I really wanted to dig a little deeper. Yes, we have meeting rooms. Yes, new hotels are being built all the time. Yes, menus change and new faces are brought in - but what is different about all these new things? What exciting, fresh new things can we do for our clients? That’s what I want to discover with you. This first issue is all about New Zealand’s North Island and the massive region that is Queensland in Australia. What can we uncover about these places? Let’s showcase first and foremost what is special about these two very distinct places. Happy reading, Ally Eastaugh and the team at The Platform Photo: 34°South